What is Responsive Design?
Responsive design is an approach allowing a website design to function on different screen resolutions and devices. This differs from the old method of having a separate mobile website, and is better for SEO.

How long have you guys been building websites?
We’ve been building websites for more than 10 years.

I may be interested, but what happens after I get a quote?
We will provide you with a contract along with your quote. All you have to do to start building your site is to read and sign the contract, and provide us with a deposit as outlined in the contract. The deposit will vary slightly depending on the size of the project. Once this is done, we will begin working on your project.

I see a lot of information, but no price. How much does it cost?
We charge by the hour for most of our services, and calculate what it will take to do your project, based on experience. Our rates range from $35 to $75 per hour. We charge less for less technical work. For example, for CSS and HTML we charge $35 an hour. For custom jQuery we charge $40 per hour. For custom PHP and MySQL coding we charge $50 per hour, and for server administration we charge $75 per hour. For language translation we charge based-off the complexity of your text and on a per word basis ranging from $0.15 to $0.25 per word.

How long does it take to have my website ready for launch?
This really depends on how big your website is. We can usually get a small 5 pages website completed in one to two weeks. However we never suggest to go forward until you are happy. Larger projects can take a month or two, and sometimes longer for really big projects.

What if I don’t like the design?
We will continue to work on it until you are happy. We never force you to go with something you don’t like. During the design process we will ask you questions, your likes and dislikes, and in some cases offer you variations, so you can choose the best direction. A design must be appealing, but also make logical sense for your business and branding. In a nutshell, we will work with you to make you happy with the end result.

What about long-term support?
We are always here to answer any questions or deal with any issues that may arise. You can email or call us at any time. We support all our clients long-term. In some cases we provide support and maintenance packages, but general product support is free of charge. We stand by our work!

Why is your CMS better, compared to others like WordPress or Joomla?
Our CMS software is designed to be highly scalable and well coded. The major difference between SharpEdge and other CMS software is that while doing the same tasks as others do, it uses up to 10 times less CPU and memory. All the code written for SharpEdge has been heavily optimized. Other systems often have downloadable plugins developed by 3rd parties with major resource problems, security issues and bad performance. You will not run into any of these problems with our CMS. Our CMS doesn’t tie your arms behind your back. You have a ton of flexibility in how your website looks and functions on the front end. Even an end user with little or no website coding skills can use it, and an advanced user can take advantage of the control we have built in.

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