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PurdyDesigns has developed software that we use every day. Most of our software was developed out of a need to provide our clients with a solution to they're needs.


SharpEdge is an open source Content Management System that is designed to make every day website tasks as simple as possible. Taking performance and security as high priorities. SharpEdge is a powerful software that is consistently being improved. Learn More

CableSoft Webact

CableSoft WebAct is a web Cable TV activation software. It is also designed to be used as an on premise solution for enterprises such as Hospitals, RV Parks, Prisons, and Hotels. With touchscreen support for on premise kiosks. Straight forward user interface so TV Service can be ordered in a matter of seconds. Learn More

HMVC Standards

All of our complex software is designed under HMVC or MVC patterns. This is so the code base is extremely organized so if other developers need to work on systems in-house they will be able to find they're way around without too much trouble.

Object Oriented PHP

Also known as PHP OO. It is a PHP code pattern that allows you to have organized systems. That are easy to understand. This allows you to write more robust code that can be cross software compatible to other systems. This saves time in developing systems as you can re-use code. It means you can also re-use code in the same project. Taking a (DRY) approach to software development.

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