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Name: Shawn Purdy
Address: 493A Rue Bedard,
Quebec,Canada, J8H 1J8

Phone: 1-450-409-7741
Cell: 1-438-862-0852


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We've been developing computer software since 1999. We have a wide range of expertise in both computer hardware and software. We love exploring new technology's and methods to better serve our clients needs and desires. Learn More

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Why is their so many bad websites on the internet?
June 27, 2014

This is a complicated question, because it's not just one thing. Back in the early days of the...

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SharpEdge Version 3.40.21 Now Available!
June 27, 2014

With this latest released codeigniter has been updated to 2.2 which adds some enchances that...

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SharpEdge Version 3.40.00 Now Available!
April 16, 2014

SharpEdge finally has reached 3.4! In this update we have added the Video System. We have more...

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SharpEdge Version 3.39.12 Now Available
March 27, 2014

SharpEdge Version 3.39.12 is a maintainence release that fixes some issues and adds some small...

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PurdyDesign Launches New Site Design
March 24, 2014

PurdyDesigns is proud to finally launch it's new 2014 design. I've been working on it behind the...

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